How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Before beginning to learn about how to charge laptop battery manually, it’s important to know a bit about the anatomy of a laptop battery. When buying replacement batteries, consumers often have the choice between two different types, Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) or Lithium-Ion (Li-ion). NiCad batteries are less expensive than Li-ion and will typically last longer, but have a higher risk of not being able to hold a charge and needing to be replaced. Li-ion batteries have been found to be more expensive initially but can last longer than their It’s important to know the difference between these two types of batteries, as your personal preferences and needs will determine which is best for you.

In the unfortunate event that you ever face the nightmare of a dead laptop battery, laptop running out of power while you have pending work, or worse losing your laptop’s power cord can be a stressful experience for many people. You may find yourself in need of a new one, which could cost hundreds of dollars depending on where you purchase it from. In addition to the financial costs, you’ll also need to spend time looking for a cord that is compatible with your laptop model

Besides the natural end of the battery’s lifecycle, there are several other factors that can lead to a deterioration in its longevity. These include-

  • Overcharging and operating your laptop at a high temperature can have negative consequences such as reduced battery life and a shortened life span for your machine.

  • Repeatedly letting the battery drain too low can cause the device to malfunction or crash.

Though there may be the chance of physical damage to the power adapter or battery, troubleshooting your laptop can be as simple as checking for any signs of damage- an adapter obstruction, accidental liquid spill, or any other type of physical damage that may have occurred.

Ways to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Fortunately, there are some hacks available that can save your day and might even be able to help you charge your laptop in a not-so-conventional way.

1. Using Universal Power Adaptor

It is the easy way to breathe life into your battery, quickly restoring it to working order. A universal power adaptor is the most affordable way to charge your laptop’s battery, no matter where you are in the world. This eliminates all the worries of finding a compatible power socket in a new country, whether you’re at an airport, hotel, or cafe. when traveling or working in a remote location. They are also useful for emergency situations and can be used to power up a variety of electronic devices, from TVs to smartphones. This type of adaptor works great when you are traveling in a country where the voltage system is different from your residing country and could cause an electrical shock But despite their universal compatibility.

One must be careful about the use of these adapters as they may not be suitable to charge all types of batteries. This is due to the fact that there needs to be a precise match between the charger and the battery in order to charge it safely. Universal chargers are affordable and widely available in both offline and online stores. Additionally, you should always take the time to research what type of adapter you are going to use. By doing this, you will avoid any technical issues and always make a wise decision.

2. External Battery Charger

If you are looking for a convenient way to charge your laptop without the use of plugging it in, then we would definitely recommend that you consider an external battery charger. These types of chargers attach to the battery and as a result, they can be used any time the laptop is plugged into a power source. By this method, you can manually charge laptop battery easily. One of the best things about this battery charger is that you are free to charge it in all sorts of locations, anywhere you can find a plug. You do not need to worry about adding another item to your carry-on luggage when you can simply plug it in on the go, and there is no need for an AC adapter or laptop for charging purposes.

You’ll also see that there is a protective plate covering info about the battery. This will help you to quickly and safely charge your device by adjusting the voltage and current of the charger. When looking for a good charger, it is important to find one that comes with LED indicators and features auto protection against short-circuiting, power outages, overcharging, and overheating. This type of charger is ideal for charging multiple batteries simultaneously and carrying them around during travel.

3. Using USB Type-C

All laptops have a variety of ports and USB ports are usually one of them; however, you cannot use them as a charger port. USB ports are only used to transfer power while charging devices like a mobile phone with a USB cable from the laptop. Furthermore, these ports are used to transfer data from laptops to other devices or from other devices to laptops. Most of the time, computers have an A-type port. But we know that there are also B and C type ports.

USB port type C is a welcome addition to laptops because it eliminates the need for a laptop’s charger when it is out of reach. This is the best way to charge the laptop battery manually. This is especially true for laptops that lack a wireless charging option. All the gaming laptops have a type-C port and other laptops like the MacBook Pro, Asus Chromebook Flip C302, Dell laptop, and many more are also equipped with USB-C ports.

4. Using External Battery(Power Bank)

Travelling can be a lot of fun, but without electricity, it can quickly become frustrating. Power banks are the perfect companion in such circumstances as they act as a backup power supply to your phone or tablet. When connected to the USB port of these devices, they allow you to recharge them with ease. These portable power banks can be used to charge your laptop and other devices on the go without the need for an outlet. They can store enough electricity to charge a laptop about three times over, so they are perfect for people who are constantly on the go. Your power bank will be the most effective method to charge laptop battery manually.

Portable power banks have been increasingly useful for traveling due to the demands of today’s technology. However, the TSA has set their standards for a portable power bank at 100-watt hours, which is often not enough for today’s travelers who may need a device that can keep them charged all day. Most power banks come with multi-DC adapter support, so be sure to check the specification of your device before buying one, as they typically support different types of adapters.

5. Mega Batteries(Super Batteries)

There are many alternative laptop batteries that can be found in common stores or purchased online. These alternatives are capable of giving your laptop an extra 8 to 10 hours of battery life, beyond the original battery. They vary in weight, size, and compatibility with specific devices but can be worth the investment for those who use their laptops and tablets regularly.

You should disconnect your laptop’s battery before connecting a mega battery. This will ensure that you don’t short-circuit the laptop while also ensuring that the battery lasts as long as possible.

6. Buy a New Battery

Most of the time, if your device is not charging and you’ve tried every possible method to make it work, then it is likely that your battery has reached its end of life and is now not usable. It is probably a good idea to buy a new battery because the old one might not be working well. The battery should be changed once every two to three years for optimal performance.


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