How To Connect Xbox One To Bluetooth Gaming Chair

It’s true that gaming chairs with Bluetooth are not the most wireless gadgets you can buy. There are so many different variations to choose from and it can be difficult to make a decision. Gaming chairs can’t all be made the same, but that’s okay – consoles might not come with Bluetooth connectivity. If you have a Bluetooth gaming chair, this guide will show you how to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair.

In this guide, we explore two different methods of connectivity that work brilliantly. In my opinion, they’re the best you’ll find anywhere – the steps are easy to follow and they yield great results. Let’s get started now!

How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair

1. Using Wireless Transmitter

There are some people who like wireless gaming chairs because they eliminate the need for tangled wires that come with fixed chair setups. Another perk of wireless gaming chairs is that they come with a Wi-Fi transmitter, which transmits the audio signals from Xbox to the chair’s in-built speakers. This means you can enjoy your game playing with these speakers and a powerful subwoofer.

You can not directly connect your gaming chair with Xbox one wirelessly because the Xbox does not have Bluetooth capabilities. In the case of gaming chairs, wireless transmitters are used to connect the chair and the console.

Step 1: Connect TV and Xbox

For the Xbox 360 to be connected to your TV, first utilize an HDMI cable that comes along with the console. Plug one end of the cable into the TV and the other into the console. Now, plug in any power cables needed for your console and turn it ON.

Step 2: Connect Wireless Transmitter

The wireless gaming chair comes with all the necessary cables of high quality that are required for connecting it to your TV. You will find an AUX cable(Audio Cable) of green ends with which you can connect the TV to the wireless transmitter.

  • Plug IN one end of the cable to the Audio Output of the TV and insert the other end into the wireless transmitter

  • Installed the batteries in the wireless transmitter and turned it ON.

Step 3: Power ON The Chair

  • Turn ON the power supply of your gaming chair

  • Now match the frequency band of the chair and TV for better connection.

  • Connect the gaming chair to the wireless transmitter by setting it to the same channel.

If you’ve followed all the instructions up to this point, the Xbox controller’s sound should be sending audio through the wireless transmitter to your gaming chair’s in-built speakers. Great – you are ready to start enjoying your game. You’ll want to transmit a few songs or music first, though, and make sure that your connection is working smoothly.

2. Using AUX Cable

Wireless gaming chairs have been popular for quite some time, but it’s often difficult to set them up. Fortunately, this process is made simple by using a male-to-male 3.5mm auxiliary cord. Connect your wireless gaming chair to your Xbox One console with these steps:

Step 1: Connect the Xbox to the TV

To set up your Xbox One to a TV, you need to connect the console with the included HDMI cable and usually make sure there’s a power cord attached. You need to select the HDMI input on the TV that is linked with your Xbox One.

Step 2: Connect the AUX cable

First, plug the AUX cable into the control panel on your gaming chair. The other end of the cable should be plugged into your console. Now turn on your console and pick a video game. After that, press the Xbox One controller’s menu button and select a video game in your virtual library.


Connecting to a wireless gaming chair can be somewhat of a hassle, but there are lots of ways to make it work. If you have an Xbox One, the device doesn’t come with a Bluetooth connection so it’s probably best to get one for it. Otherwise, you can use the audio cable that came with your set or get a wireless adapter for up-to-date connectivity.

You can also connect wirelessly as you would with a Bluetooth device. This just requires that both the chair and console are within range of each other. If you’re using a wireless adapter, you’ll need to put it on the Xbox One in order to make it work. We’ve talked about two methods you can use to connect the gaming chair to the Xbox One gaming console, including Bluetooth connectivity. Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully to connect the gaming chair or recliner in the proper way with the Xbox gaming console.

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